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We have 2 gigs confirmed so far, Thursday 23 October and Saturday 8 November. More info

Update: The gig in Buxton, Thursday 23 October has been relocated from Mood Basement to The Eagle.

Nadeen Back In Fula

Original Fula vocalist Nadeen Plumtree (nee Plant) is back in front of the mic once more. Read more...

Fula Return!

After a 2 year sabattical, Fula are to return. Hailed as a "reformation, not a reunion" the long awaited comeback features new members, new material, new gigs and a new album on the way. Read more...

Who are Fula? Fula are a band from the North West of England. They have adopted the category of 'Contemporary Progressive Rock', though the overall sound is often judged to diverse to pigeon-hole! You can find out more about the band in FulaInfo, featuring biogs of the band members, history of the band. See FulaNews, for the latest and archived news and reviews. Take a look at the band in the Photos section, with individual, group and live pictures.

What do Fula Sound Like? If this is what you want to know, and we hope you do, then the Music section of this site is where you want to be. There you can read about our popular debut CD Dark Matter, read reviews and hear sample tracks in Real Audio format. There will be information about Dark Matter's impending follow-up, as we put the finishing touches to our new album, The Beautiful, The Delicate, and The True. You will also find write-ups, reviews and recordings of Fula's live performances.

I Want Fula Stuff! That's fine by us! If you want to part with your well-earned, then the Ordering section is for you. But we don't just want your money! Guide your browser to our Downloads section for a host of FulaFreebies. We have prepared some lovely Fula wallpaper for your computer's desktop, and hope to extend the Freebies range to include screensavers, mobile phone ring tones, Windows sounds... and who knows what else! Why? Because we care... :-)

What Else Is There On This Site? Well, you can talk among yourselves in the Chatroom, where they will also be occasional scheduled chats with the band... Peruse our list of links to to other sites of interest... Sign our Guestbook (and check out some of our stranger fans' wacky outbursts while you are there!)... Crikey! Could there be any more??? Well, to be frank, yes...

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