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Message posted: 15 May 2007 11:55:42
Name: Greg
Country: wales
Comments: alrite nige its greg, nice website u got goin on here! an thnx for 'a new advance' , tis brilliant! im getting ok with that 5-string bass, its brilliant! hehe start telling your loyal fans that your nephews band is called The Viru , we need to be he

Message posted: 12 March 2006 09:54:18
Name: Alan
Country: Canada
Comments: Great web site! Alan!

Message posted: 17 July 2005 14:28:28
Name: Alex Mayers
Country: USA
Comments: Where are the updates? i cant seem to find them. But anyway, nice job.

Message posted: 5 March 2006 16:20:36
Name: Lolita
Country: Roa
Comments: Hello! Good site - you're a pretty good writer.....very creative. !

Message posted: 1 March 2006 19:50:38
Name: Been
Country: USA
Comments: :-) :-) :-)Very good site!

Message posted: 2 March 2006 14:55:45
Name: Jenny
Comments: very great site thanks i love you good luck

Message posted: 4 March 2006 13:27:25
Name: Diana
Comments: Hy! very nice site.. color - good.. diz - good!

Message posted: 11 October 2005 15:50:36
Name: Mona
Comments: I love checking out your website, it is very interesting. Best to ya,

Message posted: 25 July 2005 14:08:07
Name: Ruth
Country: England
Comments: I have a friend called Fula, that's why i went on this website. Have a nice day!

Message posted: 25 July 2005 08:10:48
Name: christian
Visit their web site
Country: Japan
Comments: Very good site, congratulation !

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