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Spam Messages Forging fula.co.uk Addresses. 10 April 2005.

A large number of spam emails have been sent out using forged fula.co.uk addresses. These emails have not come from us, and have not even been sent using our servers. The individuals involved have simply forged the "from" and / or "reply-to" addresses of the emails so they appear to have come from a fula.co.uk email address which is suprisingly easy to do. This situation came to light when the Fula postmaster found over 11,000 returned emails in his inbox!

Like most organisations, Fula is strongly opposed to spam. We do not send any spam emails, and the only bulk messages we ever send out are to people who have opted in to our email newsletter. We are deeply concerned that such a large number of emails have been sent out using our addresses.

Although it is very difficult to track down the actual sender of a spam message, the company being advertised is obviously easy to find (it would be a pretty useless advertisement otherwise!) and we have initiated contact with the CEO of the company involved in an attempt to get this stopped and to seek redress. We are keeping copies of all the returned emails should they be required for legal purposes.

Finally, we cannot stress enough that any spam email you may have received has not come from anyone within the Fula organisation. Please accept our condolences if you are being affected by this forgery. We are being hit heavily too, as the returned emails are still coming in at a rate of approximately 500 per hour! We hope to bring this sorry situation to a stop as soon as possible.


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