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Dark Matter.


Source: Wonderous Stories. (The magazine of The Classic Rock Society.)

This is the second CD released by North-West of England band Fula, following on from their debut, 'Beyond the Merrygolight' (1995). The band borders on the verge of progressive but I would say that they are closer to mainstream classic-rock. The sound is built heavily around the exquisite keyboards of Rob Gould and the sublime guitar of Jason Gilman. The vocals are provided by Zoe Stafford and her powerful, emotional delivery gives the band very much a feel of The Gathering, Forever Times and Blyndesyde and there are even echoes of Siouxsie and the Banshees. The fourteen tracks are a heady mixture indeed as the band take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as they soar to heights of ecstasy and yet there is a darker undercurrent that is thrilling in its intensity. This is perhaps summed up by the track Everything which is simply beautiful and as good as anything I have ever heard. The album starts superbly with Dark Matter and the high standards are maintained throughout as tracks such as Girl in the Window, River One and Nothing confirm we could have a major talent here. Simply awesome.
Terry Craven.

Source: Bla-Bla-Bla (Buxton Local Artists).

For the uninitiated, Fula are the current darlings of the Buxton gig circuit.....but that is not to say that they are hyped up,overblown egos running amok,they are quite simply that good. Combined, keyboardist Rob Gould, guitarist Jason Gilman and vocalist Zoe Stafford create some of the most blinding, spellbinding tunes I've heard in ages. When an album can keep a shiver running down your spine for over an hour, it's clear there's something special going on.

Comparisons don't do them justice - this is utterly contemporary: punchy bass work and relentless, powerful drumming vie for space with inspirational synth riffs and some of the best guitaring you're going to hear, ever. But then there's the voice: angelic, pure intimate, contrasting starkly with the dark, frightening, moody nature of the lyrics, Zoe is literally awesome.

14 songs, 14 great songs rip you apart, kick sand in your face, pick you up then start all over again. If this CD is the yardstick for all Buxton bands there 's going to be some great music hitting the stereos. Fula may not be big at the moment, but with songs like Girl in the window, Insanity and Vanity, this time next year they'll be massive. GUARANTEED. You've really got to here them for yourself - mere words are not enough. Rated 5/5.
Ian Gould.


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