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Fiona Ford
Rob Gould
Simon Lind
Nigel Moss
Greg Boulton

A Brief History of Fula

Greg Boulton. Drums.

Greg Boulton. Click for larger imageGreg started playing drums at the early age of 11, with punk outfit 'Skingraft'. He first played with Rob - as well as original Fula vocalist Nadeen Plant - in the mid 1980's with a band called Masque, and then later with Nadeen in The Desired Effect. He also played once with Nigel, when he drummed for a hastily thrown together lineup of 'The Limestone Cowboys' to support a Masque reunion gig.

He joined Fula in 1997 to replace the drum machine used up until then. The band were getting ready to gig, and there was only one obvious choice in everyone's mind as to who should sit on the stool.

His energy and imagination on the drums form the solid foundation on which the Fula sound is built.


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